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 We specialise in diagnosing and repairing toilet and bathroom leakage issues.


About Toilets Leakages

In older buildings, toilets and bathrooms are the most common areas where leakage begins. This is due to the deterioration or wearing out of waterproofing membrane on the floor over time due. Water then starts to seep in through the gaps between the tiles which might eventually penetrate the slab and intrude in to the room below, causing damage to the ceiling and other goods.

Due to wet cement of peeling paint, deterioration of the ceiling can be observed with changes in colour the most obvious. In the long run, it may lead to formation of toxic mould as well as present risks of electrocution. Therefore, effective waterproofing is critical to the well being of the inhabitants. We aim to seal off the surfaces to root from point of leakages. One way is to use our flood infusion method, a cost effective solution that does not involve hacking and relaying of tiles.

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Bathroom Leakage Inspection

Water leakage inspection in Bathroom/Toilet to find the best waterproofing solution to stop water leakage from invisible cracks.

Professional Assessment

Employ convenient water leakage repair method without hacking required to stop water leaks.

Toilet Maintenance

Assess that the waterproofing system is functioning to ensure 100 percent waterproofing in your bathrooms.

Signs of Leaking Toilet

The areas in your home where there is greatest exposure to water are the toilets and bathrooms. Considering the volume and frequency of water daily, it is almost certain for water seepage to occur if the waterproofing systems has been worn out. That will usually cause a leakage problem in the ceiling directly below it or in some cases in the adjacent rooms.

A well installed waterproofing system will usually last for over a decade without any leakage issues but properties which are older might face some leakage issues. Some observable signs of water seepage are yellowish or flaky ceiling boards, moist and wet paint work or paster on the ceiling itself, appearance of mould and stains and course signs of visible water dripping. In severe case, bulging walls might also be observed.

Typical Causes of Bathroom Leakages

Gravity ensures that water will always travel vertically through the quickest and least resistant route downwards. This means that if there is any gap or cracks in the waterproofing system on your floors, water will seep through the cracks and damage other areas of your home. A second danger of faulty waterproofing is that water droplets might form on your electrical appliances, presenting the risk of electrocution. Therefore, an effective waterproof barrier between your bathroom tiles and the material beneath works to prevent a build up of condensation, which prevents the space from growing mouldy.

Here are the typical factors that causes bathroom waterproofing systems to fail. During application, inadequate surface preparation and priming was performed and there was insufficient time for flooring screed and coatings to cure properly. Poor drainage is also another common factor that can lead to stagnant pools of water that may penetrate in to the slab over time.


Repairing Toilet Leakages

Toilet leakages due to water seepage has be solved by different repair methods. The most classic method is to hack the existing floor finishes and replace the floor tiles after reinstalling the cement and waterproofing membrane. This method ensures that a new waterproofing system is properly installed but the drawback is that it is relatively costly and time-consuming.

Other alternatives which can be equally effective but comes with the advantage of cost savings methods which do not require asking works. That is the reason flood infusion method has been a popular choice for homeowners in recent years due to its convenience, effectiveness and low costs.

Whichever solution you choose, a viable one should ultimately be able to stop the leakage by successfully closing up the cracks. When properly repaired, water leakage will ease almost right away. Identifying the most suitable repair method for your case will require an experienced contractor to survey and properly assess your specific situation, before recommending you the most cost effective repair method. If you have observed any other toilet leakage symptoms in your home, do contact us immediately and we will be able to advise you accordingly with our trained staff with years of leakage repair experience.

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