Nano Waterproofing Repair



 We specialise in applications of nanotech waterproof coatings to ensure surfaces are water-repellent.


About Nano Waterproofing

Nano Waterproofing is one of the latest waterproofing solutions that are available today. The technology uses nano-sized particles to penetrate the most minuscule of cracks and spaces to bond them with particles to create a superior long-lasting durable coating

Nanoparticles do not just fill cracks and fractures of materials, but additionally, it can prevent any further input that might be coming from the external environment by sealing them all completely. Importantly, this has been proven to be reliable in preventing rain, pollutive elements, cold and fungiform developing or penetrative action. This is a critical advantage as most other waterproofing solutions tend to become weaker over time, nano waterproofing remains durable for many years to come.

Nanotechnology is a highly recommended method repair against leaks on floors and walls of your home. It can help to keep away environmental problems onset that might plague your home for many years.

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Nanotechnology in Waterproofing

Nanotechnology works in applied waterproofing as treated substrates now repel water in liquid state but simultaneously allowing water in a gaseous state to move in and out. This creates a waterproof layer that is breathable at the same time. This allows water or moisture trapped within the surface to evaporate out of the pores, thereby reducing efflorescence or internal water damage issues by keeping the substrates dry.

Nanoparticles are very durable as they are highly UV-resistant and weather-resistant even under stresses of extreme temperature fluctuations. This allows them to stay strongly bonded to the substrate and prevent them from breaking down under various external conditions. This contrasts to traditional waterproofing membranes which tend to lose effectiveness under heat by breaking down under extreme temperatures and conditions.

Nanoparticles are physically extremely small, so the waterproof coating is completely invisible to the eye. Therefore, nano waterproof coatings do not alter the physical appearance of the surface, allowing the colour, texture and quality of the surface to remain unchanged.


Benefits of Nano Waterproofing

  • No hacking required
  • Water and Oil Repellent
  • UV Protection
  • Long Lasting
  • Dry very fast at ambient temperature
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Water-proof and breathable
  • Cost Saving
  • Applied to concrete, rooftop, brick, stone and other building products etc.

Common Applications

Nano waterproofing is applicable to a variety of surfaces due to its high material bonding strength and durability to withstand extreme weather and human traffic.


Nano waterproofing is typically applied by spraying for porous substrates like cement and masonry. Nano particle’s material qualities make this a highly flexible solution that offers industrial grade performance.


Wood surfaces can also be coated with nano coatings with water-based nanotech. The surface will then lose its water absorption properties and resist water from penetrating and threatening its material stability.


Water-based nano waterproofing treatment is also commonly applied for marble surfaces in order to repel external liquids from entering its surface. The major advantage over this application is nanotech’s ability to waterproof the surface effectively without altering the physical aesthetic of the surface.

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