Balcony Waterproofing



 We specialise in diagnosing and repairing balcony leakage issues.


Our balcony waterproofing services protect the most vulnerable part of your home exposed to external rainwater. Whether it is tiled or concrete, we will be able to ensure nothing will leak while the balcony serves as a relaxing resting place of the home.

Waterproofing your balcony is one of the biggest priorities. This is since the balcony is permanently exposed to the elements as well as changes in temperature. Therefore, a poorly maintained balcony might encounter leakage issues further down the road. As balcony designs in Singapore follow strict regulations, they are more or less standardised in construction and design. Our team is well-versed with the construction details and will be able to solve waterproofing issues with our wealth of practical experience.

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Balcony Leakage Inspection

Water leakage inspection in balcony to find the best waterproofing solution to stop water leakage from invisible cracks.

Waterproofing Works

We employ a variety of waterproofing methods to your balcony – whether to construct a new one or to rectify an existing leak issue. We will advise on the most recommended method for each specific case.

Balcony Maintenance

Assess that waterproofing and leakage stoppage method to waterproof  has been performed well and perform thorough maintenance to your balcony to minimise future leakage.

Signs Your Balcony Needs Waterproofing Attention

In Singapore’s climate, the balcony could be the most vulnerable part of a building, as it is exposed to the ravages of the weather. High rainfall and water run-off from balconies lucid lead to extensive damage to interiors and other structural problems that could be costly to repair.

Most commonly, balcony leakages are experienced in office or homes leading to the formation of stains and moulds. Tiny cracks in the balcony waterproof system could also cause leaks, even if they’re so tiny that they are not visible. Water stains and mould observed are indications that water has accumulated over time somewhere. Having observed signs that there could be a leakage, the next logical step is to identify the source of the leakage. One should then check the areas around the balcony and surroundings for any signs of water and mould. Should they be fold directly blow the bathroom, water leakage repairs might be necessary, while waterproofing repairs might be required if the area above the leakage is exposed to water frequently.

As balconies are heavily exposed to the elements, the waterproof system and concrete are vulnerable to water damage over time. Other signs of a waterproofing collapse are:

Evidence of Efflorescence

Efflorescence appears and becomes visible when salt accumulates with the presence of water, a clear sign that water draining is not functioning properly.

Appearance of Stains or Mould

Stains or moulds that start to appear in both the interior and exterior parts of your balcony could be signs that the waterproof system is failing.

Cracks In Walls or Flooring

Balconies can be easily exposed to impact and external elements due to weather conditions. Cracks might therefore appear in a leaking balcony both on the walls and ceilings in the balcony area.

Paint Wearing Off

Peeling paints could be signs of moisture, a clear warning that your balcony should be thoroughly inspected and possibly have a new waterproofing system installed if necessary.


Types of Balcony Waterproofing

Typically, balcony waterproofing works involves providing a protection layer on the balcony concrete to cover up the cracks as well as hardening the internal concrete to prevent further cracks and damages. As balconies are especially vulnerable to the elements due to exposure. weather conditions can wear off your balcony in the long run whether it is covered in tiles, wooden planks or any other types of finishes. Depending on the type of finish and surface, our waterproofing services are catered to solve all your leaky balcony issues.

Tiled Balcony Waterproofing

Balconies that are tiled with ceramic or homogeneous tiles look attractive and are easy to maintain. However they are susceptible to cracks easily, leading to water seepage issues which can potentially cause considerable damage. Apart from tiles, wooden decking and concrete base are also common balcony finishes in Singapore. For such cases, it requires a specialised type of coating to effectively waterproof the entire surface by creating a preventive coat that avoids the need to water leakage repair.

As tiled balconies are also prone to water damage and water formation. If it has been assessed that the concrete base is of sound structure, in some cases it may be possible to resolve water seepage by applying waterproofing over the tiled surface with water-resistant coatings. However, it the grout has deteriorated, such practice is generally not recommended. What is then required would be hacking of the existing tiles to install a new waterproofing system altogether. When properly maintained periodically, the tiles on your balcony will benefit from treatment with water repellant applications that help maintain a preventive coating against future water intrusion.

Concrete Balcony Waterproofing

For balconies with a concrete finish, the waterproofing membrane is likely to invariable eroded over time without adequate protection. However, it is not a cause for worry as we can employ various preventive systems to protect concrete balconies from the elements. Such systems can be applied over the existing concrete surface, to avoid the inconvenience and additional cost from hacking works as well as disposal of debris. One such application is using fibre liquid as well as water based resin to treat concrete surfaces.

Exterior Balcony Waterproofing

Exterior balconies require well-designed drainage and water run-off to prevent water stagnation and pooling, which will create cracks due to penetrative action over time. It is important for drainage to be well incorporated in to the downpipes to reduce the risk of damage by safely dispelling water out of the balcony.

Balcony Leakage Repair Service

To keep your balcony in good condition for years, proper waterproofing is essential. Water should be able to flow smoothly through the drainage quickly rather than being absorbed through the floor and wall surfaces. Our specialists will check on the drainage efficiency of your balcony to detect any latent issues.

Proper waterproofing system will prevent many potential issues such as damage to tile surfaces, damage to balcony ceiling below due to water penetration which could potentially affect the value of your property.

If you require regular maintenance works, we offer liquid membrane repair services to inject waterproofing membrane underneath the tile surface to help repair any damaged membrane. Following that, re-grouting will be carried out with non-porous waterproofing grout to seal up the gaps in between the tiles. Alternatively, we could also help look for sources of leakages and provide convenient and effective solutions such as PU grouting to seal up any cracks to prevent leakages.

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