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 We specialise in professional waterproofing and maintenance of swimming pools.


About Swimming Pool Waterproofing

We provide top quality swimming pool waterproofing services to ensure your pool is in top condition. We provide solutions to keep your swimming pool perfectly functioning without any underlying leakage issues that could compromise your property.

We provide quality waterproofing system installations for newly constructed swimming pools to make sure it will remain durable for years to come. This will help avoid costly repairs and maintenance costs in the future. For existing swimming pools that have been operation for some time, we provide regular maintenance and reinstallation of waterproofing systems to keep your pool in good shape for years to come.

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Pool Leakage Inspection

Water leakage inspection in balcony to find the best waterproofing solution to stop water leakage from invisible cracks.

Professional Assessment

Employ the latest technologies and materials to provide water leakage repair method suitable to stop water leaks.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Assess that waterproofing and leakage repair method method to waterproof and stop leakage has been performed well and ensure that 100% no water leakage with thorough inspection.

Common Signs of Pool Leakage

Depending on the surface area of your pool, losing water through evaporation is a natural phenomenon. However, if you suspect that the rate of water loss has been increasing, that may be a sign that there could be water leakage somewhere in the pool.

You should start looking out for signs of water leakage by checking around the perimeter for wet patches on the ground around the pool. If there is noticeable wetness or eroding areas, this could be a sign that water has been leaking out of the pool. If the groundwater table is low, any leaking water will be quickly absorbed into the ground, causing a degree of soil erosion.

Water leakages in a swimming pool could also originate from faulty pump systems. Conduct a regular check of the pump, filter and pipe valves for any signs of leaks. In most cases, a failure in your swimming pool’s waterproofing system may not be immediately apparent. If you suspect that there might be an issue with your pump system, do not hesitate to call our team to conduct an inspection.


Swimming Pool Waterproofing Repair

Typically, many swimming pools are constructed of concrete, which does not have any inherent waterproofing properties. Concrete is rather proud and allows permeation of water over time unless it is treated with a layer of waterproofing coating applied to the pool shell. To be a fully functional pool without leakages, the swimming pool has to be completely treated with waterproofing to prevent any seepage through cracks and pores. However, most leakages occur in areas where it is more challenging for waterproofing to be applied – in areas such as drainages, lighting and pipings, water might still seep in if waterproofing is not properly applied around the edges.

Effective swimming pool waterproofing does not only prevent water from exiting the pool, but it also helps prevent external water from entering it from the ground.

Here are some of the appropriate materials that have been proven to be effective in waterproofing swimming pools:

Polyurethane – a crystalline compound which forms a water-resistant membrane with greater durability than bitumen-based materials

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic polyolefin – waterproof sheets that create a durable, strong membrane

Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) – a synthetic rubber with extremely durable qualities. They are proficient waterproofing sheets that are highly efficient for swimming pool waterproofing.


Our Swimming Pool Waterproofing Services

Our highly experienced team will carry out a free assessment of your swimming pool to identify any potential leakage issues. We will then promptly provide you with an effective and durable solution to solve any leakages that you may have. Our waterproofing technicians keep up-to-date with the latest technologies in swimming pool waterproofing to ensure the greatest benefit and efficiency.

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