Flood Infusion Repair



 We specialise in Flood infusion – one of most advanced chemical solution for waterproofing.


Flood Infusion Treatment Waterproofing Method

Flood infusion is a unique treatment provides excellent waterproofing without the need for hacking or other intrusive works. The infusion technique utilises waterproofing chemicals that are waterborne and to seal off concrete and masonry substrates. It is also popularly known as chemical waterproofing as it is made of a specially formulated solution consisting of a combination of organic and inorganic Polymers sealing is achieved on both surface and in-depth sealing by the twin processes of film formation and crystallisation. The organic polymer will be highly resistant to household and construction chemicals thus enabling it to provide reliable long term surface protection. Flood infusion treatment one of the most popular options for water leakage in Singapore.

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Seals the Root of the Problem

Upon application of the flood infusion treatment, the chemical penetrates deeply into the substrate. It then crystallises inside to provide in-depth waterproof sealing. As the existing leakage subsides and eventually ends, a second component cures to form another waterproof barrier which strengthens the substrate. Eventually, a third component acts to increase the concrete pH to greater than 10 reducing any corrosion of the reinforcement. The chemical formula in this sense not only acts as a surface sealant but also works critically to deeply penetrate the pores of surfaces to create an invisible barrier that is no longer susceptible to regular surface wear and tear. This coating can repel water and at the same time still allows trapped liquids to evaporate instead of stagnating and creating further problems.

This modern technique is only possible because of an advanced chemical solution where the chemical can migrate itself to tiny gaps in concrete. Therefore, infusion waterproofing technique is very effective at sealing all kinds of water leaks including the smallest cracks that are causing leakages. The key benefit of flood infusion treatment in Singapore is that it can infiltrate into the substrate, which leads to an in-depth sealing.

Key Advantages

Flood infusion treatment is suitable to be performed against water pressure. This means that it does not require hacking of tiles, which substantially lower cost. It is one of the biggest advantages over other treatment methods, as there is less hassle, noise and dust generated. There is also minimal disturbance to everyday activities while the repair is being carried out.

Traditional waterproofing methods can require up to weeks of costly labour, which includes hacking the existing floor to reach the original worn out water-proof layer, re-layering a new coat and finally retiling up the floor. In comparison, our flood infusion method can be finished in a matter of hours, while managing to solve your leakage problem in-depth and not just the surface.

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