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 We specialise in professional repair and maintenance of roof waterproofing systems.


What is Roof Waterproofing?

Waterproofing of the roof refers to the treatment of the roof surface to prevent water passage under hydrostatic pressure by making the roof system resistant to the passage or entry of water through it. Proper waterproofing of the roof system prevents water or any other form of leakages from entering the living spaces below.

Conventional waterproofing systems involve the application of waterproofing membranes. This typically refers to layers of water-resistant materials such as bitumen, TVC, etc that acts as a physical barrier that prevents water from passing through. This, however, relies on the proper application of the membrane, if otherwise water can still find a way to penetrate through the building structure.

Concrete and flat roofs can also be waterproofed on any form of property such as residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Damage to your roof is an unavoidable fact as they are exposed to the elements all the time. A proper waterproofing system safeguards your property and goods in the long-term against unwanted water intrusion.

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Roof Leakage Inspection

Water leakage inspection on various types of roof systems to check on overall health including drainage system

Professional Assessment

Employ the most cost effective roof leakage repair method suitable to stop water leaks.

Roof Maintenance

Provide regular roof maintenance including replacement of roof tiles and shingles and enhancing existing waterproofing system.

Why Do You Have to Waterproof Your Roof?

The roof is one of the most common areas where water damage originates from. Water damage becomes worse over time as water seeps through the roof system. Address your leaky roof issues immediately to prevent further water damage from taking place.

Continued leakage will corrode structural reinforcements within concrete. When water intrudes into the living areas, furniture, flooring and appliances might be destroyed due to intrusion. Due to constant exposure to the weather, roofs are especially prone to damages. Besides, all building structures require proper waterproofing system on their roofs as they will not resist water on their own, including RC flat roofs which also require properly maintained waterproofing systems.

Repairing Leakages in Your Roof

Here are the common causes of rook leakages that requires proper maintenance and repair:

Roof flashing problems

Flashings are pieces of metals installed on your roof joints to provide a water-resistant barrier. They may be melted or corroded over time due to exposure to the weather. When that happens they need to be regularly inspected and replaced to ensure they will not cause any leakage.

Damaged roofing tiles or sheets

Broken roof tiles or damaged sheets might be the source of your roof leaks. It is important to carry out a thorough check to ensure they are working well. If not, the roof tiles and shingles might need to be replaced if they are damaged or broken.

Damaged or degraded waterproof membranes

One of the most common causes of roof leakage is damaged or substandard waterproofing membranes. As membranes wear out over time, they no longer provide the barrier to prevent water intrusion into the concrete. Normally, a new coat of membrane or other waterproofing solutions will have been applied to create a necessary waterproofing barrier.

Roof leakages might not always be noticeable as cracks in the concrete takes time to develop. This may last for several years before the leak becomes severe enough to cause water damage. Undetected leaks might cause some minor issues that you should take note of:

  • Water stains on walls and ceilings
  • Wet carpets or moisture on flooring
  • Water pooling in the basement

Indications that your roof required waterproofing repair

If you have noticed water stains running down your walls or across ceilings, it is one of the warning signs that your roof requires waterproofing repair. While it is a sign that is directly observable, tracing it to the source of the leak requires thorough inspections to ascertain the location of the root source. If the water of moisture is present where the wall meets the ceiling, it could be a flashing issue which needs to be replaced. The appearance of moss or gold on walls could be caused by water drainage issues – which requires roof gutters and downspouts to be inspected. Where damp patches are present on walls or ceilings, they could point to potential membrane issues which require urgent attention.


Roof Tile Coating

Climate change and pollution cause dirt to roofs which will accumulate over time. Daily exposure to the elements ensures that your tiles will continue to deteriorate in appearance and ruction over time. The best way to keep your roof tiles in good condition is to provide it with roof tile coating. Coating your roof tiles is considered a proactive way to prevent deterioration of your roof tiles. In the long run, the added protection is also likely to reduce your repair costs.

Roof Waterproofing Repair

We are specialists in providing waterproofing service to various types of roofs. They include sloped roofs, gabled roofs as well as modern flat roofs. Our waterproofing solutions are catered to various roofing materials such as metal, concrete or concrete clay-tiled roofs. Our qualified team with years of experience can provide quality waterproofing installations, repairs and maintenance work on roofs across residential, commercial and industrial properties.

If you have a leaky roof or suspect that your roof might be leaking, we provide free on-site survey as well as waterproofing repair services if you require them.

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